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Random Scratch of Kindness Mini Notes, set of 12

Random Scratch of Kindness Mini Notes, set of 12

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Spread a little kindness with scratch-off cards! Write a word in the blank area, then cover it with the scratch-off sticker provided and give it away. Scratching reveals your hidden message!

This colorful set includes 12 cards (2 each of 6 designs). Each card is 4.25x2.75." Envelopes are not included, but these are the perfect size to tuck into a lunchbox, suitcase, pocket or anywhere your friend or loved one might find it.

Message are:

  • You should win an award for being so fill in the blank
  • You make ______ look so easy. Way to go!
  • A single word i would use to describe you is: ______
  • I'm just so grateful for how you ______
  • There you go again, being so very ______
  • I'm so proud to know you because ______

Sustainably produced in the USA.

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